May  2018 - Betty von Hardenberg


I just realized that I had not updated my blog for a half a year, which is shocking.  Time has gone by so quickly and much has happened during the past 6 months.  The Winter Farmer's Market at Nat Bailey was very successful with candle sales increasing yearly and we are meeting many more new customers as well.  Thanks to all of you for supporting us with your kind words.  We have just started our summer and fall markets at Trout Lake and Kitsilano.  It is fun for us to see our long time customers at these markets and new customers who have just discovered the beauty and value of our beeswax candles.

The Luminaires are creating a 'moon- like' glow in many homes this year and people have been both intrigued and happy to own one.  This unique candle gives off a gentle honey scent while burning, coupled with a glow that will light your whole room.  Ask to see how they work when you see us at the markets.

Camping season is coming and so many customers have been interested in our Beelight Candle that comes in its own metal container with a cover.  This travel candle makes a great, practical gift wherever you travel.

Our flower gardens are starting to show their beauty with roses, rhodos, clematis, Japanese maples and peonies.  We wait for the summer months of fresh vegetables and fruit from our gardens with evenings spent eating outdoors with candles suspended in glass jars in the trees and  decorating our outdoor tables.

We also have our candles available by mail and many new customers are now coming to our studio by appointment. 

Enjoy the beautiful summer months we have all waited for.

100% Pure Beeswax Candles

Cleans the air and eliminates odors

Non toxic, non allergic

Burns hotter, brighter, longer

No artificial scents or dyes

Casts a beautiful golden glow


All our candles are handmade with 100% cotton wick only, for an environmentally friendly, clean burn.

We currently provide 48 different choices of candles and create all our own designs and molds. Our candles are made of 100% Canadian beeswax and nothing else. Light and enjoy this natural wonder!

von Hardenberg Candles

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Maple Ridge, BC Canada

Phone/Fax 604-462-9244


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