Published September 2020



It has been 5 months since we updated our notes to you. We have been working toward creating a new website which will shift our focus to Online Shopping.

Since we were unable to take part in markets until June and because we are not normally scheduled to take part in markets until the last weekend of September, we thought it was important at this time to share some thoughts about our plans for the near future.



We have made the decision not to return to the VFM this Fall and Winter as we have been closely watching how this pandemic is evolving. Our many winter events such as Circle Craft and the Dunbar Fair have been cancelled by the organizers and we also decided to cancel our Thornhill Artisan Fair for this season. We feel very responsible for the health and safety of both our vendors and our customers. We love organizing it and it has grown in popularity over the years, but we feel assured that when we get a handle on this virus, we can slowly return to taking part in all those events that we enjoy so much.



In the meantime, we have been selling our candles by mail order, by meeting customers weekly in Vancouver and through pick up at our studio. We have changed our mail order carrier. Mail order is done through a courier service that has been reasonable and the service is excellent. As well, although our studio is closed at this time, our customers come to pick up items regularly by an appointment. It has worked very well. I must also note that all our customers have been very respectful when we do deliveries, everyone has been early or right on time. We really appreciate that. Please keep an eye out for our new format in the next month!


Thanks to all our customers who have kindly adjusted to the many changes they have had to adapt to. We will update you when we are back at markets and our shop is reopened.


Betty & Klaus Von Hardenberg

100% Pure Beeswax Candles

Cleans the air and eliminates odors

Non toxic, non allergic

Burns hotter, brighter, longer

No artificial scents or dyes

Casts a beautiful golden glow

Burns with the same light spectrum as the Sun


All our candles are handmade with 100% cotton wick only, for an environmentally friendly, clean burn.

We currently provide 48 different choices of candles and create all our own designs and molds. Our candles are made of 100% Canadian beeswax and nothing else. Light and enjoy this natural wonder!

von Hardenberg Candles

Klaus & Betty von Hardenberg

Maple Ridge, BC Canada

Phone/Fax 604-462-9244


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